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Avoid crowded and costly emergency rooms – let our friendly and professional staff take care of you! Can’t get in to see your primary care provider? Let First Health Urgent Care take care of you. Our Providers are available EVERY DAY providing top quality care when you need it.

As always, if you're ever in doubt about whether you need emergent, life-saving care, Go to the ER right away!

Easy to Start

Patients deserve simple, easy-to-understand information. We’re committed to making the patient experience as smooth as possible. Helping you and your Family Get Better, Faster!

Accidents Happen

Not all injuries require a trip to the emergency room, so for less severe cuts, bumps and bruises, skip the wait and walk into a First Health Urgent Care. We’ll get you back on the path to healing and feeling better sooner.


Every parent knows the feeling of concern when trying to get into the pediatrician’s office when your child is sick. When it comes to the health of your children, tomorrow is not good enough. At First Health we are dedicated to making families feel better sooner.

Check Ups

At First Health Primary Care, we believe every patient is unique and has different needs. We take a patient-centered approach that begins with a personal physician who cares for you – not just your ailment, we align all the elements to meet your entire health needs.

Why Choose Us

When you or someone in your family is ill, nothing is as important as getting medical attention quickly. Easily accessible. First Health offers optimal patient care: caring practitioners, flexible hours, easy accessibility and acceptance of a wide range of insurance carriers.

Whether you have a common cold, an injury, an infection, or an unknown ailment, First Health has the tools to diagnose the problem, provide treatment and send you home and on your way to recovery. We also offer routine and preventive procedures such as physicals and immunizations, which are all available every day to accommodate your busy schedule.

Make First Health the first choice for your health.

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Open Year-Round

Why limit yourself to typical doctors’ office hours, or even another walk-in facility’s, when you can enjoy the benefit of excellent treatment from our staff of physicians, physicians’ assistants and nurse practitioners when it’s convenient for you? Our office is open 365 days a year, from 7am to 7pm Mondays through Saturdays, and 10am to 4pm Sundays and holidays.

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Doctor examining x-rays.

X-Rays Available

If you are in need for an x-ray for any type of injury like a broken bone or a compound fracture, come to First Health Urgent Care and get checked out.

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